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This blog is dedicated to the study, documentation as well as any possible analysis of what I consider to be the most intriguing things in life. UFO's; odd scientific/technological/philosophical break through; pondering on the super/preter-natural; tinkering on plausible conspiracies. The type of things that defies the limitations of science, stretch the very depths of our imagination and ultimately shows us that we basically know very little about this universe called LIFE. This blog is thus not meant to provide or pretend to provide definitive answers for anything.

The Salatun Files

This page is dedicated to the pioneer of Indonesian ufology, R. J. Salatun (29 May 1927 - 3 February 2012), who has also –as far as I am concerned- lend a solid and credible basis for the development of ufology in the country. The man is a historical figure in the Indonesian aviation as well as Air Force history. He has joined the ‘embryonic’ national air force since its conception in 1946, before ending his military career as a Vice Air-Marshall (Major General) of the Indonesian National Air Force (TNI-AU).

J. Salatun giving speech in a public discussion on metaphysical issues, Jakarta 1999
Salatun was also once a minister in the Indonesian 2nd Dwikora-cabinet (March-July 1966) and founder of the National Space and Aviation Agency (LAPAN) in 1963. He was, furthermore,  the first person to wrote a serious book concerning UFO phenomena in Indonesia – “Menjingkap Rahasia piring terbang” (Revealing the Secret of Flying Saucer) back in 1960, when he was still an Air Force Colonel. A book that also received a special mention in the NICAP’s ‘The Ufo Evidence’, published in 1964.

The pioneer has been awfully quiet since the 2008 when it comes to commenting on UFO sightings in the country. Sources suggested that he has become severely ill, but no confirmation  of this information has ever been made up until the sudden announcement of his eath on 3 February 2012. One thing is for sure though, that Salatun’s work – especially his effort in compiling local UFO/UFO-related cases – is THE building block of Indonesia’s thriving interest in ufology today. It is for that reason that this page is created. A tribute to the pioneer.
Vice Air-Marshall (Ret.) J. Salatun
The following are download links for documents written by or related to J. Salatun's work in ufology.

1999 - Some Notes on the Mystery of Prevalent UFO Abduction and UFO Phenomena 
(Beberapa Catatan Tentang Misteri Maraknya Manusia yang Diculik oleh Makhluk UFO dan Fenomena UFO)

1999 - Proceedings of The Siogn Historical Group UFO History Workshop

1982 - UFO, One of The World's Current Problem (UFO, Salah Satu Masalah Dunia Masa Kini)

Although I said that Salatun has been pretty 'silent' since 2008, this is his 'last' public comment that I know of regarding the local UFO phenomena. It was given in his capacity as a source in a local TV program (ANTV's Mata Rantai program) dedicated to the subject of local UFO cases. This is the first of the four parts video that are available from BETA UFO's Youtube channel.