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February 21, 2009

Indonesian Sightings 2008 : The Photographic Evidence Case Files

Jakarta, Cipinang Baru road, East Jakarta district, January 5th 2008. A reddish star-like object, seen flying a west-northeast course by 3 witnesses. The long arrow is supposed to point out the object's flight path as well as the object itself (at the end of the arrow) while the smaller arrow points out an electrical pole. Unfortunately, the low quality of the photo does make it problematic to see anything peculiar.

Jakarta, Kembangan Utara Sub-District, West Jakarta region, January 19th 2008. Seen by 3 witnesses (husband, wife & their 8 year old child). No actual photos were taken (artist sketch is provided by BETA UFO) but all 3 witnesses testify that the strange craft was box-shaped and moving slowly overhead when they saw it.

Photographed by 'EA', a commercial flight pilot that (according to BETA UFO) wished to stay anonymous, during a drive to Pacitan city, East Java Province, on March 23rd 2008. The photo shown here has been cropped and enhanced by BETA UFO for analysis. Original size photo can be seen on the BETA UFO website (under sightings, 2008).

The area around Darma dam, West Java Province, on April 5th 2008. The object (originally three in number) which is highlighted by a red arrrow in the photo, was witnesses by 2 youth doing a cross country tracking around the area. Witnesses also claimed that 2 of the 3 UFO's seemed to have landed in a nearby hill.

Photographed with an old Sony Ericsson S 700 HP, on April 12th 2008. The object was seen & photographed by a single witness, in the Karawaci area, which is part of the Tangerang Regency, Banten Province, Java island.

Photo taken in the Ponorogo, East Java Province area, on April 13th 2008, at around 9 in the morning. Photo taken by the same 'EA' that took the photo in Pacitan, on March 23rd 2008. He believed that it is actually the same object.

This photo was taken by 2 brothers in the Pondok Kelapa residential area, east Jakarta, on October 3rd 2008. The object was seen as 4 blinking red spots, that stayed together in a vertical formation, for about 15 to 20 minutes.

This remarkable photo was taken around 6 in the evening, near the city of Tuban, East Java Province, on October 5th 2008. The photo was taken by a Jakartan, on the way home from a traditional Ramadhan family-gathering (mudik), in the ever busy northern Java coastal road (Pantura). The sketch below is made later on as part of the photo's analysis by BETA UFO.

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