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December 11, 2009

Strange aerial phenomena in Ancol, North Jakarta

The photos displayed are taken by a photo hobbyist in Ancol beach, North Jakarta on November 1 at around 06:49 AM. The photo of the strange aerial phenomena was first reported to the BETA UFO group on November 3 while the photos (including the cropped ones) were e-mailed a few days later.

According to the photographer, the photos were made while he was out hunting for good scenery to photograph, using a Canon EOS 400D camera with a shutter speed of 1/100 seconds. The photographer said he was also standing with the sun at his back when the photos were taken.

Out of the many photos he had taken, only two frames showed the strange aerial phenomena. The photographer also didn’t notice it until he uploaded the photos days later.

So far, BETA UFO’s analysis of the photos is that the object captured in the photos is probably not a UFO. The group’s experts in photographic analysis suggest it might be a bug or even a speck of dust that flew right in front of the camera and reflected the blitz light. It is, however, still open to other analyses.

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