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October 27, 2010

October 24th – More Sightings in Jakarta’s Suburb

Just as I thought there won’t be any other ‘sighting’ to file for a while, the BETA UFO mailing list went buzzing with another possible case. This time, reported by nationwide TV channel SCTV (‘’Liputan 6’ news program), the case is said to be a sighting of dozens of strange aerial objects in Tangerang Regency, Banten Province (in the suburbs of Jakarta) on October 24th. The news coverage (with no actual video or photos) revealed that there were allegedly 25 objects seen flying slowly pass the sky at around 7:30 PM. The event lasted for about 30 minutes watched by dozens of residents from their homes as well as those driving by on nearby streets. The report also suggested that most of the witnesses agreed that those objects could not be airplanes and that some also concluded them as possible UFOs.

Well, that wasn’t very interesting for me until someone in the mailing list updated the news with a link to a witness’ website – complete with photos of the objects (some of the photos can be seen at the end of this text). The witness said, the sighting lasted for about 45 to 50 minutes. He also said that the objects were glowing with a yellowish red and orange color, and were moving in particular formations through the sky, wave after wave of it. Interestingly enough, he also suggested the possibility of the objects being Chinese lanterns. Nevertheless, he also went on questioning how could Chinese lanterns make such strange formations in the first place?

A BETA UFO researcher commented that the way the objects move slowly, wave after wave, is indicative of Chinese lanterns. No explanation has been offered for their particular formations though.

Could it be nothing more than Chinese lanterns?

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