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February 19, 2011

The Shanghai April Sighting – Part 1

This is one case that almost got drowned in the multitude of case reports coming into the BETA UFO network back in 2010. I suspect that the scant attention it received also has to do with the fact that it was a sighting case that took place in another country. In addition, the case was also reported through BETA UFO’s online testimonial channel that was pretty dull to ever attract much attention back then.

Coming onto the case, the report was filed by an Indonesian guy that was on holiday in China, back in April 2010. The sighting took place on April 24, at around 8:55 PM, as the witness and several other tourists were queuing for a bus taking them to a hotel in Shanghai. It was at this moment that he then noticed 2 strange objects high up in the clear, cloudless sky and start filming them with his hand held video recorder (see the video below).

According to the witness, he decided not to publish the video recording due to fear of censorship (or worst) by the Chinese government. He also considered the fact that the Shanghai Expo was just about to be opened in 5 days and that therefore the 2 objects he saw might just be promotional blimps for the event. When news of UFO sighting in Hangzhou appeared in July he then decided to publish the video and inform BETA UFO of his strange experience.

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