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December 07, 2011

Strange Skyscraper Photographs

It doesn’t happen often that reports of alleged UFO sightings in the country would come from witnesses inside or around skyscrapers. February 2011 saw one of these rare cases, in the Kelapa Gading Sub-District, North Jakarta region, where an unidentified silvery and seemingly spherical object was photographed by 2 different people in the sky near several buildings in the area.

Although not all of the buildings in the February case are actual skyscrapers, it does fit the emerging pattern of sightings in the city’s bustling centers.

October 2010 saw at least 2 other cases in Jakarta. One of which was also supplemented with photographs. These earlier cases seemed to pose the same intriguing possibility that more and more UFOs are actually appearing in the city area, rather than just on the country side.

One could only speculate as to why these UFOs would ‘expose’ themselves in Jakarta’s crowded business center areas, with so much possibility of being sighted and photographed. Did they actually ‘want’ to be seen and photographed?

The main facts of the 2010 reports, as received by BETA UFO, are as follows:
22 October 2010

Location: Standard Chartered Tower building; 31st floor; Jln. Prof. Dr. Satrio; Karet Kuningan Sub-District; South Jakarta region; Jakarta.
Time: 5 PM

Description: A witness, taking photographs from his office window, saw several strange objects appearing in the sky. One of the object looked like a Hang Glider/Delta Plane while about 6 others looked like black dots. The ‘Hang Glider-like’ object was observed moving upward & disappeared into the gathering storm clouds while the ‘dots’ seemed to moved away from the witness’ view.

26 October 2010

Location: The 21st floor of an unknown office building in Kemayoran District; Central Jakarta region; Jakarta (exact location unknown).
Time: 1 PM
Description: A witness took some pictures from the 21st floor window of an office building. Some of the photographs supposedly showed at least 12 strange objects hovering in the sky. When the photographs were zoomed they allegedly showed objects shaped like a rocket, a sphere & a Saturn-like sphere, with legs protruding from underneath it.

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